The reliable and accurate measuring and control of production processes is the basis of our work and success.  Our USP is that our systems do not only focus on simple measurement and reporting but  can also automatically act and optimize productions due to presettings with given parameters. Our efficient measurement and control systems reduce the consumption of resources and ensure constant quality. From the resulting economic production, our customers benefit environmentally and economically.

With their requirements always in focus, it is our ambition to provide the best quality in products and service. We identify with the products and our company. Thus we overcome technical production challenges and stand successfully with our customers in the market.



In the future, we are expanding our technology leadership from entry-level to premium systems and position ourselves in additional business areas and development partnerships. We use our know-how in the development of new market segments. Thus we ensure future growth.
Our adaptable products impress with an optimal cost-benefit ratio and are synonymous with superior measurement technique which ensures quality and saves costs and resources.