grapho metronic: leadership in measurement and control technology

A future-oriented company expands its business field

An ongoing development of existing know-how, future-oriented values and the will to bring production processes to perfection - these qualities make grapho metronic the leader of measurement and control technology for the industry 4.0.  The Munich based company, which up until now mostly developed highly automated camera technology for the printing industry, has re-orientated itself over the last years. grapho metronic is now also investing in entering new business fields by counting on development partnerships. With the first cooperation partner in the field of robotics, specifically laser-welding, this entry has been greatly successful.

grapho metronic works with the latest technologies to ensure the best possible systems on the market for its customers all around the world. Measurements can, amongst others, be enhanced by automation to guarantee a continuous and reliable production and production planning. The systems of grapho metronic reduce the consumption of resources and ensure stable quality. Ccustomers therewith benefit from an even more economical production; ecologically and regarding cost savings. Therefore, in cooperation with manroland web systems and manroland sheetfed numerous measuring systems have been developed for the printing industry yet.

Development partnerships for the Industry 4.0

grapho metronic now also offers development partnerships for generic imaging system models and optical measuring systems to new industry branches what  is helping the new partners to successfully start or continuetheir projects  One topic in the recently developed field of robotics is for example the development of efficient solutions for process control of laser welding due to innovative camera technology. In 2016, grapho metronic could sign a contract for a development partnership with a well-known customer from Japan. More partnerships like this are intended for the future: possible sectors are special purpose machinery manufacturing, carbon technology and lightweight construction or „Organic and Printed Electronic“.

„For us, development partnerships are medium- and long-term shared projects of companies. Both partners act equally and benefit from the extensive experience of the counterpart. We don't want ready-made products – we offer our partners the best systems, specifically tailored to their requirements. Due to this we provide a real added value for the Industry 4.0”, Manuel Kosok, Managing Director from grapho metronic, explains the new business strategy.

grapho metronic has been established in 1967 with the target to contribute to automation and stabilization of web offset printing as a system partner. Over 50 years the company has been working on realizing this purpose and was simultaneously looking ahead. Providing a constant quality in measuring and controlling the production process remains the basis for this.

On top of that, technologies like automation are being used to optimize the production process. Due to this, the consumption of resources can be constantly reduced. In the course of the reorientation, the company emancipated itself from the proprietary company and the recent rebranding is the base  for the expansion into new markets.


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