Sheetfed printing – Development partner manroland sheetfed

Standardized printing form the basis of modern Color Management. And for controlling the individual color standards at the press itself, color measurement and regulation systems are essential to ensure that the standards are maintained. Color control systems of manroland raise the quality of standardization with unmatched precision and there are already more than 2.000 installations worldwide.

Even when the contents of the individual color separations are transferred as data from prepress to the press, there can still be printing problems. If there are no control strips on the sheet, print disturbances could be falsely interpreted as color variations and wrongly regulated as a result. This of course leads to spoilage. Dependable measuring systems require reliable reference patches so that regulation in halftone images is also reliable. Only reference patches such as those contained in print control strips can unambiguously identify print disturbances and help to produce the job to the defined tolerances and standards.

The products: ColorPilot and Inline ColorPilot – intelligent color measurement

The systems measure the entire print control strip fully automatically and transfers density- and Lab values directly to the control desk. Due to the graphical diagnosis, the operator receives all color information at a glance.