Webfed printing – development partner manroland web systems

Ink density, color and cut-off register control are initial parts of today’s web offset presses. The job is to monitor the control process. Therefore the sensoric fort he Inline Control Systems (systems with a closed control loop) is very important for a full automation in web offset printing. Components such as color- and cut-off register but also other inline control systems are included to the press concept. The combination of different modules from one hand ensures and ideal performance. Using automation modules leads to a constantly high quality over the entire press run as well as to waste reductionduring the print run, at the start up and also when changing the press speed. The waste rates stay constantly low even at reel changes and washing procedures. The smart camera SmartCam acts as an intelligent sensor and also supports the combination of coldest web offset printing and high speed inkjet printing, what enables an efficient imprint of variable data. Ther parameter like production speed and imprint position are controlled by the SmartCam.  
Together with manroland web systems, the market leader in web offset printing, we have developed the best-in-class systems within the scope of a development partnership that have already been integrated to many press systems worldwide.